We all have asymmetrical body structures, which cause our muscles to be in a constant state of compensation. When we compensate well, we’re not in pain; when we over-compensate, we’re in pain. The Iler Method® has discovered an effective process to help you stop Over-compensating.

How We Help

The relationship between opposing sides of your body will tell us everything we need to know about how you compensate. We look at 3 primary muscle groupings during the discovery session to find your body’s asymmetry.

1. Hamstring and IT Band
2. Glutinous Minor, Medious and Maximus
3. Low Back and Mid Back

The take away of our process is to uncover what your “Power/Stability” side Dynamic is and everyone has a Power Side/ Stability Side.

The Power Side muscles are in the deep core of your body and drive energy forward, while the Stability Side muscles balance the energy generated from the Power Side.

After establishing what muscles are compensating and which are over-compensating, we share the connections that we’ve mapped, drawing attention to the diagonal criss-crossing patterns found in the anterior and posterior body.

Iler Method Therapists work only on muscles that have been identified as over-compensaters, making our process streamlined and efficient.