People suffering from Thoracic-Outlet-Syndrome often go to their doctor because of Jaw, Neck or Shoulder Pain, but find that their Pain isn’t taken seriously or they’re offered only medications or surgery as treatment.

Do  you  have  chronic  pain  in  your neck  or  shoulders?  Suffering  from  tension headaches?  Maybe  you  wake  up  with  a stiff  neck,  feeling  un-rested  when  leaving  your  bed.  You  may  be  suffering  from  the  effects of  Thoracic-Outlet  Syndrome.  Be seen as soon as possible!

While web searches may tell you the condition is relatively rare, it’s very common in the group of highly functional people that we work with. TOS can affect every aspect of life, from fitness and leisure to sleep and work performance.

Causes of Thoracic-Outlet Syndrome

TOS results from tight muscles compressing nerves, veins, and sensitive structures from the base of the neck to the tips of the fingers. The pressure formed causes atrophy, pain, and dysfunction.

  • Clenching or grinding teeth
  • Repetitive activities
  • Trauma
  • Anatomical defects
  • Pressure on your joints
  • Pregnancy
  • Poor Posture

Do You Clench or Grind Your Teeth?

Doctors frequently refer patients to a dentist to treat possible TMJ (temporomandibular joint). To save teeth, dentists will prescribe mouth guards, but mouth guards do not stop the pain and dysfunction caused by TOS.

How the Iler Method Can Help You

We are the only non-surgical team in Austin TX using Manual Therapy to help manage the pain associated with Thoracic-Outlet-Syndrome. Every Iler Method therapist undergoes an intensive Internship Program before working with TOS clients.

Our methods are efficient and effective. No surgery. No medications.

Set up an appointment today and relieve unnecessary pain and suffering caused by TOS.