Interested in Mindfulness and Meditation? This Post is for You

Man sitting on his heels in a garden with eyes closed, meditating

Healing the mind is just as important as healing the body. Incorporating strategies from different disciplines can help lead to a healthy and balanced life. If you have ever been interested in the practice of mindfulness and meditation, then this post is for you.

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An Emotional Release: Searching for My “Why” During COVID-19

Photo of author in need of haircut at home during COVID-19 lockdown.
The author sheltering in place, April 2020.

I’ve been separated from my clients for six weeks now and no one really knows how long it will be before the new reality is set in place. COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders put my massage therapy practice on hold. I’m now a massage therapist without access to non-verbal channels of communication with my clients. Although I’m unaccustomed to verbal displays of emotional release, I have to use my words now. They’re all I have bridging the gap between you and me. That means I must dig deep and reflect on the reasons why I chose this as my life’s work and the special gifts my clients bring to me.

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Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Client Becomes Iler Method® Therapist

.Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Client turned Massage Therapist

Daniel Plastino came to Iler Method® for relief from pain post-surgery for thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) . He was so impressed with the care he received that he decided to become a trained Iler Method® therapist.

My name is Daniel Plastino. I’m a licensed massage therapist and I’ve been a registered nurse for 10 years. In my personal time, I am an avid hiker and yogi. I have many interests including nutrition, mindfulness and meditation, and music. Coronavirus is preventing us from seeing clients at the moment. So, I thought I would use this time to share a bit about why I joined the Iler Method® team. You see, I believe in it, not just as a massage therapist, but as a client. Continue reading “Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Client Becomes Iler Method® Therapist”

Should You Sit or Stand at the Computer? Do Both.

A barefoot person sits on a sofa with a laptop obscuring their face. It’s unnatural, (and not particularly healthy), to sit or stand at a computer all day. What is natural is to change positions and do it often. You can easily employ different stances and adjustments at your computer throughout the day to condition your muscles to become less prone to injury. Read on to learn how.

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