How it Works

Discovery Session + Bodywork (60 mins):

The Iler Method begins with an hour-long Discovery Session, of which starts with a seated conversation about the reason for treatment (5 mins). Past injuries are discussed and current challenges are explored in good detail. We aim to deliver results on how you want your body to feel during activities in the future.

The next 3 to 5 minutes we discover and explain how your body compensates for stress, outlining a plan to help manage your pain.

We use Myofascial, Deeper Tissue, and Trigger Point Therapy for the remainder of the session, alleviating the greatest amount of stress in the least amount of time.

Cost of the Discovery Session: $135.00

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Single session:

The focus of a Single Session is to calm the inflammatory response to one underlying pain area of the body.

Cost of a Single Session: $135.00  60 minutes of Therapy

Save 10%: Managed Body

6 Sessions help to manage the pain and dysfunction of one main soft tissue area.

Save 10% with 6 Sessions.
Total. $729.00 (versus $810 for 6 individual sessions)
1.5 to 2 months of Therapy

Save 15%: Managed Body Plus

10 Sessions help to manage the pain and dysfunction of two or more soft tissue areas.

Save 15% with 10 sessions
Total: $1,147 (versus $1,350 for 10 individual settings)
2.5 to 3 months of Therapy