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Iler Method® Therapists combine myo-fascial, deep tissue, and trigger-point therapy techniques to align you with muscular health and physical balance that supports an active lifestyle.

Therapists Who Care

We strive to provide you with the best possible outcomes by matching you with the right therapist for your specific needs.

Muscular Health

Therapists quickly and accurately evaluate your individual imbalances and create a game plan to help you get back to doing what you enjoy most.

Is Pain Affecting Your Ability to Work?

Sessions begin with a seated conversation, discussing the reason for treatment. Our Skilled Manual Sports Therapists expertly evaluate your body’s asymmetries and create a game plan to help manage your pain. Once expectations of a session are clearly defined, we work only with the muscles that are contributing to over-compensation.

Sessions are performed with:


  • Oil
  • Music
  • Excessive Stretching
  • Popping or Twisting
  • Unnecessary time spent in any one area
Only: Manual soft tissue work, while wearing comfortable clothes.


Effective! Progressive!  Long-Lasting! 

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    5 star review  David is phenomenol, just brilliant! I am an esthetician, and I spend my days hunched over clients to give them facials and do hair removal, which can take quite the toll on my entire upper body. My muscles had been so tight and aching, and I was getting headaches as a result of the strain. My posture has even been affected by the tightness in my muscles. David did such an amazing job getting into all of the areas that needed so much work. I feel like I can stand taller and breathe more deeply now. While getting regular massage is imperative for keeping the body in its best condition, and for keeping a happy and healthy spirit, David worked wonders for me in just one session. I am blown away! I will definitely be returning to him for more bodywork. Thank you so much, David. You helped me feel like ME again!

    thumb Merritt Knize

    5 star review  David has a serious gift! He knows where your tightest muscles and problem spots lurk, and he's not afraid to put the health grip (opposite of the death grip) on them to break them down and flush them out. It may sound far-fetched, but I can actually HEAR better, swallow easier, and move my neck and shoulders better after my most recent massage by David. Oh yeah, he's a really nice guy, too. 🙂 Runner friends, check him out. He's one of you, and he will fix you up!!!

    thumb Amanda Holleman

    5 star review  David is amazing and very personable. I didn’t have any exact spot but he worked on what was bothering me at the time. He is also very knowledgeable in nutrition and gave me some pointers there too. I def recommend him . Thanks David

    thumb Jason Schreiber


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